Aaron Hodgkin getting Ill

Here are some some shots of Sette team rider Aaron Hodgkin getting Ill!

Markley Anderson Finishes 1st at Tree Shaker Competition

This past weekend, team rider Markley Anderson participated in the Tree Shaker 12 Hour Mountain Bike Challenge in Charlotte, NC.  Brutal cramps and an extremely rough terrain did not stop Anderson from finishing in 1st place in the Men's Solo Division.  The course consisted of 114 miles of single track, 9,250 feet of climbing, and ending with a total time of 11 hours and 20 minutes.  In a recent entry on Anderson's blog, Team Crank, he details the battles he over came throughout the race in order to come away with the win.

Photo credit: Chris Baker

Photo Credit: Chris Baker
"The Sette Serum continues to amaze me as I subject it to one course after another and it always answers the call and delivers me to the podium" - Markley Anderson

Aaron Hodgkin riding his Sette Vexx

Sette sponsored professional downhill & gravity rider Aaron Hodgkin taking the Vexx out for a walk in the park through some Southern California goodness, railing turns, shredding rocks, and boosting step downs!

Customer Review: JAMR SLX

This is a letter we received from Brad Clark, a very satisfied customer who purchased our JAMR SLX mountain bike

Let me start out by saying that I am not a veteran MTB rider. I am a recently reborn rider that was looking to get back into the sport. Now because I was a newbie I was looking for a decent bike for a reasonable price. The local bike shops had many bikes to choose from but I had a budget and found out that it is very easy to spend upwards of $2K on an "entry level" bike. I realized that used was going to be my only option for my budget. Well I was reading a current issue of Mountain Bike Action and came across Sette's ad. Their company motto "Fully Loaded. The Right Price." stood out right away. I quickly went to their website and found the JAMR, the bike I am reviewing.

I have to admit I was a little hesitant buying a bike sight unseen from a company I knew little about. Well after receiving the bike and seeing how well it was packaged (literally you could drop the box down a flight of stairs with no issues) I knew this was a good decision before I had even assembled it.

OUT OF THE BOX: To my surprise the bike was about 80% assembled right out of the box. The only assembly necessary was the handle bar, seat steam, pedals and front wheel. After assembly a slight tune was necessary for the front/rear derailleurs.

THE BIKE: The component list on this bike was defiantly one of the deciding factors into buying. I would have to say the components work extremely well together. The brakes are strong but not too strong that they lock up helping you slow down quicker. The SLX drivetrain is quick and precise making this bike climb like it's a mountain goat. The Fox fork does it's job very well soaking up what I put in front it but will bottom out if pushed too hard as you would expect with a 100mm fork. I enjoy the lockout feature while riding on pavement or when I need to crank up a hill. To me the bike feels a little uneasy on technical descents, that could be me, could be the bike or tires I'm not exactly sure.

CONCLUSION: I am extremely happy with the JAMR. For the price I feel you cannot find a better equipped MTB. I am hitting the trails about 3-4 times a week and have had no issues at all. I can't wait to get into a few XC events and really test this bike! All-in-all if you are on the fence about buying this bike... don't be. You will not regret it. Thank you Sette for making affordable quality (two features that normally don't go together) bikes. You have a customer for life.

Brad Clark
Spokane, WA

Thank you Brad, and welcome aboard!


Markley A. Finishes the Tour Divide on the Serum

The Tour Divide is considered one of the hardest, if not the hardest mountain bike race in the world. It challenges a rider's skills, endurance, mental strength, and of course his bike, across 2,745 miles (4,418km) of self-supported solo racing from the Canadian Rockies to the badlands of the Mexican Plateau, climbing nearly 200,000 vertical feet (that is like climbing Mount Everest 7 times... yeah).
A short clip of the Continental Divide can be found Here.

"I did it folks. I finished the hardest mountain bike race in the world. It took everything I had to get it done in a competitive fashion. In 24 days I pedaled from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, NM up and down the Continental Divide along some of the most inhospitable terrain imaginable. My sweat, blood and tears were left on the course. I can’t be prouder of the accomplishment. I met so many wonderful people who shared in the suffering of the Tour Divide."
See more of Markley's post Here.

Congratulations Markley - keep up the great work!

"This was the final day between Silver City, NM, and the Mexican border. Mileage near 2,600 miles. The Serum held up extremely well. I was sapped of all energy at this point and was pedaling on pure desire to finish." - Markley Anderson

Markley at the Mexican border.

Markley Anderson's Serum ISM

Currently training for the Tour Devide, our professional rider Markley Anderson shares a few words about his new Serum ISM.

I received one sweet bike (Sette Serum ISM) a few weeks ago and let me tell you it is a jewel for those racer types. I will do a review later in the summer that is more complete. However, for the moment I can tell you I’m stoked about this bike.


Basically, it is the same frame as the Serum Elite. The main difference is the integrated seat mast on the Serum ISM. This requires cutting the seat mast down to your required length on the pedal stroke. I took caution and used the provided cut guide that came with the bike and made two cuts. If you cut too much off, well that is it and you will be stuck with a seat mast that is too short. I took measurements off my Serum Elite and erred on the side of caution by cutting the first cut slightly less than I needed. I got on the bike in my kit and shoes to get a more accurate measurement in order to make the final dialed in cut. Made the second cut and you got it, fit like a glove. I recommend if you get the Serum ISM to take it to your local bike shop for making the correct measurement and cut for you.


This bike is light and you don’t have to fool with seat collars and seat posts. It is loaded with the 2011 XTR package, 30 speed. The only additions I have made to the stock version: Crank Brothers Ti Egg Beater Pedals, Bye Kyle Simple Strap and I will be adding ESI grips soon. If you’re serious about racing XC or Marathon type races, this is the bike without a doubt.


Stay tuned for a detailed review later in the summer. At the moment, I have 12 days until the start of the Tour Divide. That is my priority and focus, but I had to get these pics out of this sweet rig. Price Point has the Elite and Serum ISM ready to roll for your single track cravings.


2011 Sea Otter Classic, by Aaron Hodgkin

Our professional rider Aaron Hodgkin sent us a note about his experience at the 2011 Sea Otter Classic. Aaron was hauling our Vexx down the trail and pushing hard, but unfortunately, he got injured during one of his practice runs. He didn't let that stop him from having some fun in the sun...

From the moment I got the call about racing at Sea Otter, I knew it was going to be an eventful time. Unable to sleep the night before the trip, I packed my gear bag and anxiously waited for the morning to come. At 9:00 AM, Dwayne (Pricepoint Marketing Manager) pulled up with a truck jam-packed full of gear, and we headed out on our journey.
          After a long drive, and much conversation in between, we still managed to beat Brian and Scott who were driving the rental truck equipped with all of the supplies for the Pricepoint show booth. To make things more exciting, and to cause more attention, Dwayne busted out his DJ equipment pumping up the jams! Meanwhile, Brian and Scott were winging free Pricepoint water bottles and sette patch kits to the people passing by.

      As the days rolled in, I walked around the venue checking out all of the new product, and ran into old friends I had not seen in years, such as Randy Spangler, Aaron Chase, and Cameron McCaul. All the talk about riding got me anxious to go out and shred. Gearing up back at the tent it was awesome to see all the guys helping all the people interested in the Sette bike line.
On the hill- After getting a few slow practice runs in, I decided it was time to do a run with someone who knew the course well and that could help me familiarize myself with the new layout. I figured there was no one better than my good friend Elliot Jackson from the Yeti camp. Getting a little too comfortable a little too early, I lost my line, getting cross-rutted in the steep section, which caused me to high side and slammed me onto my left shoulder. After a few more solid practice runs, the pain in my arm began to grow more uncomfortable. Soon after, I called it a day and headed back to the Sette tent to clear my head.

         Even though Dwayne had his hands full taking home the win in dual slalom, it didn’t slow him down from getting me a fresh new sponsor from the great people at Profile racing. This was something that has been a childhood dream since I first laid my eyes on their legendary 3-piece crank set.
          When Sunday morning finally came, I knew the time for my race was soon approaching. With much anticipation, I came up to the starting gate reminding myself to go out and just have fun. Hoping this would keep the nerves to a minimum and help keep my mind off the pain of my dislocated shoulder. With all the cowbells ringing on the sidelines and the high energy of all the screaming fans, it was hard not to have a great time down the hill, even though I could hardly hang on to the handlebars by the time I crossed the finish line. A sure reminder of why we all ride with the natural high of adrenaline flowing through your body!

          The Sette crew, with all smiles, burned faces and chapped lips, packed up the trucks and headed for the long trip back to southern California. Exhausted, and not sure if we had enough energy to make it home, Dwayne threw out another surprising curve ball and said he wanted to meet up with an old friend for dinner along the way. After putting my name in for a table at the restaurant, in walks Dwayne with the one and only 2002 X-Games gold medalist Allan Cooke and the Haro crew. Just one last thing to make this years Sea Otter trip one we will never forget, leaving us with excitement to see if we can top it next year.