Customer Review: JAMR SLX

This is a letter we received from Brad Clark, a very satisfied customer who purchased our JAMR SLX mountain bike

Let me start out by saying that I am not a veteran MTB rider. I am a recently reborn rider that was looking to get back into the sport. Now because I was a newbie I was looking for a decent bike for a reasonable price. The local bike shops had many bikes to choose from but I had a budget and found out that it is very easy to spend upwards of $2K on an "entry level" bike. I realized that used was going to be my only option for my budget. Well I was reading a current issue of Mountain Bike Action and came across Sette's ad. Their company motto "Fully Loaded. The Right Price." stood out right away. I quickly went to their website and found the JAMR, the bike I am reviewing.

I have to admit I was a little hesitant buying a bike sight unseen from a company I knew little about. Well after receiving the bike and seeing how well it was packaged (literally you could drop the box down a flight of stairs with no issues) I knew this was a good decision before I had even assembled it.

OUT OF THE BOX: To my surprise the bike was about 80% assembled right out of the box. The only assembly necessary was the handle bar, seat steam, pedals and front wheel. After assembly a slight tune was necessary for the front/rear derailleurs.

THE BIKE: The component list on this bike was defiantly one of the deciding factors into buying. I would have to say the components work extremely well together. The brakes are strong but not too strong that they lock up helping you slow down quicker. The SLX drivetrain is quick and precise making this bike climb like it's a mountain goat. The Fox fork does it's job very well soaking up what I put in front it but will bottom out if pushed too hard as you would expect with a 100mm fork. I enjoy the lockout feature while riding on pavement or when I need to crank up a hill. To me the bike feels a little uneasy on technical descents, that could be me, could be the bike or tires I'm not exactly sure.

CONCLUSION: I am extremely happy with the JAMR. For the price I feel you cannot find a better equipped MTB. I am hitting the trails about 3-4 times a week and have had no issues at all. I can't wait to get into a few XC events and really test this bike! All-in-all if you are on the fence about buying this bike... don't be. You will not regret it. Thank you Sette for making affordable quality (two features that normally don't go together) bikes. You have a customer for life.

Brad Clark
Spokane, WA

Thank you Brad, and welcome aboard!



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