Forza Frameset Review - by Chris Stutz

One of PricePoint's good customers bought a Forza frameset and is very happy with it. He submitted a review to PricePoint who in turned shared with us.

I am not one to write reviews. I put some faith in reviews when I 
read them but do research and come to my own conclusions in the end.

I have been riding and racing for over 20 years. I have built over 10 
bikes in that time. I recently went to a few local bike shops to see 
their wares and was put off by the attitude of, "don't question us ... 
just give us your $$$$"! I was not sure whether I was paying for 
components or the frame in the pricing. Sorry that I cannot justify 
105 on a $3000 bike! I am old school!

I turned to Pricepoint and purchased the Sette Forza [ISM].  I thought 
about it for days and was hesitant because, I like others, think high $
$$ equals better frame. On the other hand I have friends in the bike 
industry that explain putting a sticker on the bike increases its 
price even though the same factories are producing similar frames at 
less cost.

I am blown away by this frame!!!!  I have ridden Trek(s), LeMond, 
Biachi, Aegis, and Specialized. The quality of this frame blows my 
expectations out of the water. The finish is exceptional. The 
internal cable routing is amazingly easy to work with. Chasing the BB 
was not necessary.

I built the Forza  (54cm) up with SRAM Red and Easton bars and Shimano 
wheels, a FSA Vision Tech Sizemore Stem. FSA Integrated Head set, and 
Flite saddle. All I can say is, "WOW"! The bike is scary light.  It 
is quick and snappy.  The stiffness is amazing ... a sprinter’s 
dream!!! If you are sitting on the fence ... Buy this frame.  You 
will not be disappointed!  FYI ... All said I have $3100 in a bike 
that would retail for a heck of a lot more!!!!

Chris Stutz

Thanks, Chris.
We provide quality bikes & frames at a very affordable cost. Seeing more and more happy riders out on the roads and trails makes us very proud.

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  1. hey chris why did you not buy the complete setta forza ism! that price-point is selling? is there something bad about the complete bike there selling? because i want to buy the complete bike that they have for $3599! pleze comment!